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Discover how nutrition can open the door of opportunity to discovering your child's brilliance and how to build a supportive learning environment in which you both can truly thrive.
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Take back control of your child's education! Over 20 years of working hands-on with children of all learning styles, I have developed these unique learning strategies that will help your child master everything from reading comprehension to written expression, math, time, money, and much more! I'll take you through how to implement these quick and easy strategies with any child in any curriculum, from preschool to college.


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As a veteran practitioner, I was extremely impressed with the work of Dr. JoQueta Handy, whose strategies have shown much success with children of all learning styles. These are things that practitioners and parents can apply and immediately see good results.
-Dr. Shawn K. Centers, Osteopathic Center for Children
Dr. J's Takeaways
I bring you through my favorite, must-read books and research articles, covering everything from education to nutrition. I give you the most important takeaways and lessons in fun, easily digestible tidbits.
Dr. Handy’s approach to provide innovative curriculum, timed appropriately to their abilities, supported by teamwork between parents and educators will allow children enhanced learning and academic accomplishments. This pioneering work of Dr. Handy is extremely encouraging. We must always look to new developments and innovation to improve all children's quality of learning and overall life."
-Dr. Yi Jin, Chief Science Officer, Brain Treatment Center
In my video series, I take a deep dive into diverse subjects, all focused around empowering you as a conscious parent.
       Parent-Centric Series: Strike the idea of limitation from your conversations with yourself, and from your strategies as a parent. How? You BECOME THE STUDENT. Kick off your journey here with this Parent Centric series, crafted, just for you. I am going to show you HOW to transform the MINDSET, and turn obstacles and frustrations into helpful tools for you and your family. My wish is that you have a look at yourself and realize just how heroic you are.
       Empowerment Series: Often, what gets us through our day, is being able to reach out and hear that someone else relates to our triumphs and frustrations. Join me as I share my stories, and help you reveal solutions to life’s detours. Learn to unearth the heroism that lies within each and every one of you.
       Nutrition Series: You are what you eat! The foods we eat directly affect every aspect of our lives, from energy and brainpower, to outlook and attitude. In this series, I walk you through the best and worst of the food world and show you how to optimize your diet for your lifestyle.
       Brainpods: Biohacks for brain power! In this series, I take a look at how brain chemistry affects your mood, sleep, behavior, and learning. Gain an understanding of our most important organ and learn how to maximize your brain chemistry and reveal the pathway to brilliance.


Strategies to help you reveal the brilliance in yourself and in your child.


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Join me for monthly round table discussions! I'll answer your most important questions, provide real life examples and in depth explanations of my strategies and show you how to best implement them at home. 
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“As a teacher, I was excited with this approach to teaching and saw the potential for my students. Under Dr. Joqueta's mentorship, teachers help students develop their learning strengths through individual and small group instruction. These strategies can be implemented into any curriculum and individually tailored to each students needs.”
"The alternative tools provided by Dr. JoQueta have enabled my son to be successful in his learning. He is reading, comprehending and responding to lessons. The foundation of teachers/providers accepting my child as a brilliant learner was the beginning; the offer of hope. The scientifically backed strategies, which optimize the give and take necessary for learning in any educational environment, were the answer.”
“You made such a big difference in my daughter's life. I have been using the techniques that you taught me and this year Natalie will be graduating high school and heading off to college! This year is her first year out of all Special Ed classes and she is carrying a senior class load all by herself! Thank you for helping to give my daughter a future!”
“I have personally seen how this can help children soar both academically and socially.  When using a traditional school model, I feel that teachers sometimes get stuck using one method or style of teaching, even though it does not appropriately support all of the students’ needs. Dr. JoQueta strongly encourages teachers and parents to take that extra step towards identifying and teaching towards childrens’ individual needs and strengths. ” 
“Dr. JoQueta Handy and her team have helped our sweet Wyatt excel more in three months than any other treatment, therapy or school. We are so proud of Wyatt. He looks so sweet, happy & handsome in the classroom.”
“As a learning center coordinator, I had the privilege of using Dr. JoQueta'sstrategies with a variety of students over a period of a year and a half. My students became more confident in their abilities because they saw they could do their work and be successful.
I highly recommend Brilliant Learning because it meets students where they are at, gives them the tools that they need, and teaches them strategies to use their learning strengths.

Brilliant Learning
Dr. JoQueta's mission is to ignite and cultivate the Brilliant Learner in every parent, teacher, and student while reminding each of their heroism along the way.

The Institute for Brilliant Learning is dedicated to providing an inclusive online community of support for all learners through offering dynamic content and daily empowerment. Our library of on-the-go style learning modules, interviews, webinars and Master Classes are all aimed at helping you transform the impression of education as it exists today.
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